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We are Ben&Linda. On a green and social world bicycle tour. We travel the world as green as can be, give direct help to people in need and nature projects.
100,000 km in about 7 years. We raise 1 euro for every km we cycle. This equals € 100,000 for our aid projects.
Our goal is to help human and nature. Not by giving money, but by buying what’s needed at local shops. For example, paying for the groceries on a market. Buying a goat, sheep or cow. Or we take care of the repair of a broken roof, refrigerator or bicycle. A visit to the doctor or dentist. Medicines, clothes, shoes, a new roof. Helping start a small business etc. etc.We write a short story about the specific situation and the help we offer. We add our own footage to visualize our aid projects. Each project has its own spot on our website. This spot is called “XPLORaid”.On June 15 2020 we started our tour. From Maastricht our route goes to the east, crossing Turkey, Iran, China and Mongolia. Then to the south, visiting India, Indonesia and Australia. After that, we will head towards Japan, Canada and the US. Through Central America we will cycle to Patagonia. Finally, we go through Africa back to Europe. At the end of 2020 we reached Greece. Due to Covid we will first cycle from Greece to the North Cape. In 2022 we hope to continue our journey further East.On xplorid.today you can follow our adventure. If you want to help us, please make a donation to:
Stichting XPLORid
Bank account number: NL81 INGB 0008 4433 82
Thank you very much!


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