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We, Ben and Linda, are on a world bicycle tour.
100,000 km in the next 7 years.
We left the Netherlands on June 15 2020. We will cycle through more than 80 countries. We cross oceans with a (sailing)boat of freighter.Every day is a new adventure. We cycle about 60 km and never know where we will stop for the night. We like to discover other cultures. That's why we knock on people’s doors to ask for a place to stay at the end of the day. In this way we meet a lot of different people. In remote areas we sleep in our tent.Through our way of life, we inspire others. Every day there is a travel report on our Facebook page and Instagram account. Every month we blog about our tour. We also describe our aid projects to help people and support nature conservation projects.We give direct and local help to people and support nature projects.
Raising € 1 for every kilometer.
This equals € 100,000 support to our projects.
On xplorid.today you can follow our adventure.


21.222 km


1406:31 h

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  1. XPLORid heeft een rit gemaakt.

    20 november 2021

    25,2 km
    14,6 km/h
    140 m
    210 m
    raoul, Elburg on Tour en Lisa vinden dit leuk.
    1. raoul

      Welkom in Maastricht !

      • 20 november 2021

  2. XPLORid heeft een wandeling gemaakt.

    10 november 2021

    4,28 km
    5,7 km/h
    10 m
    10 m
    Elburg on Tour vindt dit leuk.
  3. XPLORid heeft een rit gemaakt.

    9 november 2021

    Steffie, Christoph en 3 anderen vinden dit leuk.
  4. XPLORid heeft een rit gemaakt.

    6 november 2021

    Elburg on Tour en Steffie vinden dit leuk.
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