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  1. Rombea heeft een Tour gemaakt.

    een dag geleden

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    Andreas Scheurer, Armin Allgäu 😊 en 48 anderen vinden dit leuk.
    1. Rombea

      This time I went on my "Appelsberger Runde", a family-friendly way to the Bastei on the Zankelstein, which you can also do as a digestive round on Sunday afternoon after dinner. The Bastei, three rock towers on the Zankelstein, are very popular viewing rocks and, when the visibility is good, offer a view of Nuremberg. The starting point is the small hiking car park near Appelsberg, the route follows the Zankelstein circular route (marked red Z) and the Hofberg Panorama circular route (marked green H). For me, snow hikes, even if they are sometimes strenuous, are always a very special experience. The snow-covered paths are often not easy to find, sometimes you have to struggle a lot, but you leave the first visible traces in the snow, brilliant.

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      • ongeveer 10 uur geleden

  2. Rombea en Bea👣on👣Tour hebben een wandeling gemaakt.

    2 dagen geleden

    Bea👣on👣Tour, Christian en 74 anderen vinden dit leuk.
    1. Rombea

      Today I was pulled out again and my destination was the rock formation "The Two Sisters" above the former quarry in Hartmannshof. An exhausting, sometimes the snow was up to half a meter deep, but wonderful winter hike through a wonderfully snowy landscape. It was really worth it.

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      • 2 dagen geleden

  3. Christian, Bea👣on👣Tour en 80 anderen vinden dit leuk.
    1. Rombea

      In keeping with the Four Hills Tournament, I grabbed my two girls today and then I went to the Norisschanze in Etzelwang. The starting point was the Naturfreundehaus in Ernhüll and then we first went to the Brennberg, Etzelwang's local mountain. International ski jumping and many a ski race were once held on this mountain. Today the Brennberglift is kept alive by a development association and skiing is still possible for about 4-5 days a year, the ski jump was dismantled in 1995 and the last jumping took place there in 1986. Nice hike with lots of memories.

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      • 2 januari 2021

  4. Rombea heeft een wandeling gemaakt.

    31 december 2020

    Nils, Marcus en 66 anderen vinden dit leuk.
    1. Rombea

      The year ended with my girls and a short walk around the Happurger Baggersee. May the New Year bring us fewer restrictions, good luck and health. A happy new year to all Komoot players.

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      • 31 december 2020

  5. Rombea heeft een wandeling gemaakt.

    18 december 2020

    Armin Allgäu 😊, 🌳Tom🌲 en 53 anderen vinden dit leuk.
    1. Rombea

      This time it was with a work colleague for "further training" around the Murner See. Here the nature trail offers interesting information and insights into the landscape and cultural history of the region as well as the flora and fauna around Lake Murner. Numerous information boards, a barefoot path and the tertiary forest, as well as the 16m high observation tower are the highlights of the 6.5 km long circular route. Great, interesting and level path around the lake, I will probably stop by again in spring with the girls. The starting point is at the parking lot Bistro "Seaside", but you can also get on everywhere from the various hiking parking lots.

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      • 20 december 2020

  6. Rombea heeft een wandeling gemaakt.

    17 december 2020

    A.M.O., Carmen Frank en 81 anderen vinden dit leuk.
    1. Rombea

      This time, after the "homeschooling" (for the daughter), the two girls went to Happurg for history lessons. If you can practically touch history and experience it in nature, it is much more fun and much more interesting. The weather was okay and in the end everyone was happy. The girls because it didn't go too far and I because I could tell something about the tunnel system and the Celts on the Houbirg. Conclusion: a successful trip!

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      • 18 december 2020

  7. Herbert, Christian en 78 anderen vinden dit leuk.
    1. Rombea

      If the weather doesn't give you a good view, you just hike through the forest, today I chose the rock and cave path in the Neukirchen hiking world. I can really recommend this hike through the wonderful and bizarre rocky world, because there is something to discover or to climb everywhere. Depending on the weather, sturdy shoes are important and a few sticks are also not bad. Information on the path and the caves can be found in the flyer "Höhlengeschichten" or "Höhlenwanderungen", both available in the town hall or at the information point in the center of Neukirchen. The starting point was the hiking car park at the Osterhöhle and first it went to Peilstein to the Kuhfels viewpoint. Strong wind is said to have blown a cow off the rock here, in fact, shepherds watched their grazing cattle from the rock. We then went on hiking trail "3", past the various caves such as Bettelmannsküche or Bärenloch, back to the Easter cave. Almost every cave in the vicinity of Neukirchen is associated with Babette Hauser, the rock bear, who lived in the area. Another nice and interesting hike.

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      • 15 december 2020

  8. Gabi, Gaëlle B. en 83 anderen vinden dit leuk.
    1. Rombea

      After doing the same "training laps" for the past few days, it was time for a change. So I planned a short hike home and enjoyed the good weather. It went back home from Lichtenegg via Haunritz. The weather was really good for me, I love it when the fog hangs over the forests and in the valleys. In addition, almost no one is out and about when it is drizzling and foggy and you can really enjoy the peace and quiet and nature. Now I try to advertise: "This calm at the lookout point" Alter Fritz "if you only hear the rushing of the Högenbach, priceless". It was great and I'm looking forward to the next time.

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      • 13 december 2020

  9. Rombea heeft een wandeling gemaakt.

    18 november 2020

    Armin Allgäu 😊, A.M.O. en 99 anderen vinden dit leuk.
    1. Rombea

      This time I grabbed my girls again, I was off school, and once showed them the Schwarzach Gorge and the Brück Canal. It is not for nothing that the Schwarzach Gorge has been awarded the seal of approval "Bavaria's most beautiful geotopes". A beautiful path always leads along the Schwarzach through the gorge, where the small river pushes its way through the rocks. Easy to walk, sturdy shoes are recommended, the path leads past beautiful and bizarre rock formations, as well as two caves and a spring. Adventure playground for "young and old". We also took something with us for a break, the Waldschänke has a Corona break and company vacation until December 4th, 2020, and so we were able to enjoy coffee and cake in the Schwarzachklamm in addition to the rest (during the week) during our break. I find it questionable that the traces of the traction current line can also be found here and I don't know whether these (technically not necessary) power lines have to be laid through here.

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      • 19 november 2020

  10. Rombea heeft een wandeling gemaakt.

    15 november 2020

    Marcus, R. Reithmeier en 86 anderen vinden dit leuk.
    1. Rombea

      Today we first went to Velburg and the castle ruins there, then the big and small "hollow holes" were the goal. The starting point was the hikers' car park below the castle ruins and the first section followed the "power place hike" over the castle ruins to the two caves. The place of power hike route leads to five places of power near Velburg and each place of power has been assigned a meditative audio exercise. An interesting layer. I was curious about the two hall caves, the large and the small hollow hole. I've seen the big hollow hole here from time to time and was really curious to see what it looks like in "real". I was not disappointed, an imposing and definitely worth seeing hall-like cave, unfortunately there was a lot going on. Through a small rock hole and a small rock path it went to the small, no less interesting, hollow hole. You have to scramble to get here, but it's worth it. All in all, a nice little hike over great paths through woods and meadows with beautiful destinations. Unfortunately, due to the beautiful weather and the uncertain Corona situation, it was understandably a bit overcrowded today. After my exploration tour today, I will of course stop by here again with my girls, the two should also see the hollow hole and the hike is manageable. But it will certainly not be on a Sunday, because it is simply too crowded here.

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      • 15 november 2020

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