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Neben dem Kajak fahren und wandern, Mountainbike ich Leidenschaft gerne! Meine Homezone ist Rheinhessen , aber natürlich bin ich auch weit drüber hinaus zu finden 😎🤘🏻


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    1. B. Mann

      Powertrail Weißler Höhe - JammertalIt starts at the Weißler Höhe. There is a parking space here, as well as a notice board with various routes that can be hiked or also driven on a mountain bike! I chose the bike 😉 My route starts on the other side of the street. From here it goes straight on the gravel bed down the forest highway. Once at the bottom, turn left towards the sewage treatment plant. Here you follow the road (there is almost no traffic here) to the resident Aussiedlerhof. Then turn right into the forest 😉 Just follow the path. The first turn goes a little downhill to the left. Then it goes steeply up a wide gravel bed on the right and once you have reached the top, turn left again down to an old mill 😊 At the mill on the right and then uphill again. This is where the fun really begins. 😎 After a slight ascent, the path goes steeply downhill on the left! The steps here are not to be despised with their gradient !!! An old little bridge awaits you below. Over and over the mountain steeply. You follow the path to the left. There it goes to the creek bed. Here you have the opportunity to grill, rest on the benches, or even rest with your feet in the water 😊 Continue right past the hut. At first the path seems quite wide, but then quickly changes into a single trail. This almost always runs along the stream and challenges you with bread stones and big roots! At least one S2-S3 awaits you here! If you follow the path completely, you will eventually face a steep slope with steps! The experts might make it up here ... I had to wear 😐 After a little climb, it goes down again between narrow rocks! For the brave among you the Enduro loved ones perfect 👌🏻! Continue along the stream! You'll come back up the forest highway later! Then it goes down the slope on the left over a bed of pine needles! Pure driving fun 😉 Left into the curve and down into the valley! On the right we continue over a small bridge! Then it goes steeply uphill over the forest-gravel highway. Once at the top, a bank is waiting for you! I am then following the path between the fields. You have to briefly cross the street twice! If you are back in the forest on the other side of the fields, follow the hump downhill! Cross a forest path below! I'm straight ahead, but "ATTENTION" here comes a very steep descent over loose slate floor !!! Sliding is pre-programmed here! 🙃 It's best not to try it without protectors! The rest of the route is then a mixture of gravel, asphalt, agricultural path, forest arch, asphalt, agricultural path and again forest floor to the parking lot! Of course, the route can be extended, but also shortened 😉In this sense, have fun and a good flow 🤘🏻

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      • 25 juli 2020

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    14 juli 2020

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