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  1. Gelterswoog heeft een wandeling gemaakt.

    ongeveer 22 uur geleden

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    Dirk Hartstirn, Berni en 25 anderen vinden dit leuk.
    1. Gelterswoog

      One of our standards. Joshi was thrilled because we haven't run it for a long time. But other dogs do. On the Philosophenweg directly above Landstuhl you can see the castle, the mud bath ...

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      • ongeveer 21 uur geleden

  2. Gelterswoog heeft een wandeling gemaakt.

    2 dagen geleden

    HWF, Willy en 29 anderen vinden dit leuk.
    1. Gelterswoog

      Gerhard M inspired me to look for the bear cave. I wanted to find the Bear Cave from above Martinshöhe and then walk to the Elendsklamm in one lap. We discovered the great cave after some climbing over fallen trees on the paths. Unfortunately the bear was not at home.
      The Elendsklamm with the brook that babbles over the steps and the small bridges is beautiful in every season.
      Some campfire in the weather please:
      Reina del Cid, I Shall Be Released

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      • 2 dagen geleden

  3. Gelterswoog heeft een wandeling gemaakt.

    3 dagen geleden

    Dirk Hartstirn, Hma en 35 anderen vinden dit leuk.
    1. Gelterswoog

      Today we didn't feel like driving again and just left on our own. The sun has not shown, so there is still a lot of snow left. Have a nice round. We were far from people. Joshi, however, reported the deer crossings of wild boar and roe deer. The place in the fog is Mittelbrunn.Reina del Cid: Ain't No Sunshine

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      • 3 dagen geleden

  4. Gelterswoog heeft een wandeling gemaakt.

    4 dagen geleden

    Tanja, Angie Und Peter en 41 anderen vinden dit leuk.
    1. Gelterswoog

      There was snow in the garden this morning. Much to the delight of Joshi. So after an extensive snow bath with the dog through the snow-covered winter forest around the Kichberg: Bismarck tower, Krämerstein, Fleischhackerloch and back home via the rehabilitation center. And all of this is completely climate-neutral. 😀👍And in the snow mountains, Wader

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      • 4 dagen geleden

  5. Gelterswoog heeft een wandeling gemaakt.

    5 dagen geleden

    Angie Und Peter, Dirk Hartstirn en 37 anderen vinden dit leuk.
    1. Gelterswoog

      I have often seen beautiful landscapes from the Luitpold Tower. Today we were there too. It is completely hidden in the Palatinate Forest on the 610m high Weißenberg. In the bright sunshine, the view was really great. One could see far into the forest valleys with lots of sun but also into the mist valleys.
      The tower is a gem in the legendary Palatinate Forest.
      Reina del Cid: King of the Road - Roger Miller cover

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      • 5 dagen geleden

  6. Gelterswoog heeft een wandeling gemaakt.

    6 dagen geleden

    Handrick, gisi en 45 anderen vinden dit leuk.
    1. Gelterswoog

      Today we actually wanted to go down into the forest. But then the wild geese moved towards Hörnchenberg. The sun fought its way up there too. And then of course we went there.
      Again there was a beautiful sunset. Everywhere where the sun couldn't send its light, the colorful leaves were icy. The fresh westerly wind caused plumes of ice in the opposite direction.
      And then of course the moon that rose over our part of town.
      Reina del Cid, Dancing in the Moonlight - King Harvest cover

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      • 6 dagen geleden

  7. Gelterswoog heeft een wandeling gemaakt.

    27 november 2020

    Katja, Tanja en 36 anderen vinden dit leuk.
    1. Gelterswoog

      Again we had fog soup. But the Wetteronline Radar makes it possible: In the south there was sunshine. We looked at the Heidelsburg above the Schwarzbachtal. This time no knight's castle but a settlement of the Celts and Romans. It is an astonishingly large complex that stretches over two hills with beautiful views of the valleys on both sides. I really liked the combination of Roman stones, rocks, and how nature recaptured the excavations. We stayed on the sunny side of the mountain on the way back.
      As a contrast to the sunny slope with the castle, the frost with ice crystals on the blades of grass and the fallen leaves appeared again below on the shady Schwarzbach meadows.

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      • 27 november 2020

  8. Gelterswoog heeft een wandeling gemaakt.

    26 november 2020

    Patricia, Angie Und Peter en 33 anderen vinden dit leuk.
    1. Gelterswoog

      Today it was foggy again. But it was easy to find the sun. Once through the Hörnchenberg tunnel and the weather was beautiful. We had a good time up at the banks. Until the red sun has sunk in the fog.I can only think of one song:
      Louis Armstrong - What a wonderful world

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      • 26 november 2020

  9. Gelterswoog heeft een wandeling gemaakt.

    25 november 2020

    EmEf, Dirk Hartstirn en 39 anderen vinden dit leuk.
    1. Gelterswoog

      Today Joshi and I are in the magic forest with another happy colleague who retires early. There are many beautiful new characters there compared to when I visited a few years ago. Komoot has not completely recorded the walk, a few km are still missing. Thanks to many who recently put their impressions of the magic forest in the public area and thus stimulated the tour.

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      • 25 november 2020

  10. Gelterswoog heeft een wandeling gemaakt.

    24 november 2020

    Dreamwolf, Berni en 47 anderen vinden dit leuk.
    1. Gelterswoog

      Today there was fog with us, so we had to go up high. I haven't been to the Erbeskopf in the Hunsrück, the highest mountain in Rhineland-Palatinate. That was also my first dream loop. The Traumschleife Gipfelrauschen is entirely part of the Saar-Hunsrück-Steig. The Erbeskopf summit was the weather limit. Starting north of the Hunsrückhaus in the most beautiful sunshine, you could reach up from the sun into the fog at the vantage point. That looks great from above with a clear view of the clouds below.That fits the Hunsrück, maybe he was on the Erbeskopf too.
      Schinderhannes Robber's Song:

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      • 24 november 2020

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