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Hey! :) Ich liebe das Radfahren und ich liebe es, andere an meinen Erlebnissen teilhaben zu lassen. Das mache ich in meinem Printmagazin, dem lifeCYCLE Magazine, das ich viermal im Jahr herausbringe. Und das mache ich hier, als offizieller Collection-Redakteur für komoot. Ich nutze komoot schon lange für meine Tourenplanung und freue mich darüber, meine Erfahrungen hier weitergeben zu können. Wenn ich sie nicht selbst ausprobiert habe, plane ich meine Collections genau so, als wenn ich selbst auf große Reise gehen würde. Ich recherchiere die besten Routen und empfehle dir Highlights, die ich selber spannend oder hilfreich finde. Wenn ich mal daneben liege und eine Route aus irgendeinem Grund nicht empfehlenswert ist, freue ich mich über dein Feedback. Ansonsten wünsche ich dir einfach viel Spaß auf dem Bike! :)


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  1. Martin Donat heeft gemountainbiket.

    6 dagen geleden

    8,30 km
    9,3 km/h
    180 m
    190 m
    Antje D., Andi en 13 anderen vinden dit leuk.
    1. Martin Donat

      Sunday morning with the Dalm 💚

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      • 4 dagen geleden

  2. Martin Donat heeft een rit gemaakt.

    14 januari 2021

    68,6 km
    20,1 km/h
    540 m
    540 m
    Antje D., Stephanie en 11 anderen vinden dit leuk.
    1. Martin Donat

      Round 1: I met Torben, a craftsman from Wetter, who is a committed cargo cyclist in private and business. A nice round with lots of nice topics around cargo cycling.Round 2: It led around Lake Kemnader, where I met Robert from Hattingen. The fit senior works there in the ADFC and rides a state-of-the-art Tern cargo bike when he's not taking care of his racing bike classics. Also many nice topics of conversation, so that in the end it was two laps around the lake.Interim conclusion: A day on which positive human contacts predominate, cool!Then there was unfortunately the return journey with a small passage on a street, including honking and mobbing ... what does this cyclist dare to interfere with vehicle traffic. So in the end the relationship was at least balanced again ...

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      • 6 dagen geleden

  3. Martin Donat heeft een mountainbikeroute gepland.

    14 januari 2021

    1. Martin Donat

      At the end of this short Solling adventure, another really nice tour awaits you, which can be a bit demanding here and there, because it leads up and down through the Hochsolling and takes some crisp climbs and beautiful trails with it. In return, there are wonderful views - partly as far as the Harz Mountains - and an impressive landscape.You start in Neuhaus im Solling and if you haven't done it yesterday, you should - if you have time - think about a short detour to the bike trail and into the high moor northeast of Neuhaus. Both in terms of trails, but above all because of the beautiful nature here, it is very worthwhile to extend the circuit a bit. The actual tour then takes you over beautiful forest paths and isolated, quiet roads in the direction of Dassel. Here you can take a break at the Heinrichruh rest area. If you want to go shopping or are looking for a place to stop for refreshments, you can simply drive a little further to Dassel and fill up your energy supplies. And while you're already there, a stop at the historic Blankschmiede technology museum is a good idea. Here you can see an old hammer forge and learn everything about the traditional craft.Behind Dassel, two particularly beautiful sections are waiting for you. In the idyllic Hellental you drive through a picturesque meadow landscape and shortly afterwards the beautiful Hasselbachtal is waiting for you. Along the stream of the same name you roll over a simple forest path and can enjoy the beautiful nature in peace. It's not far to the destination of the tour: Not only does this route end at Holzminden train station, but also your bikepacking adventure in Solling. A wonderful time lies behind you, which you can look back at on the relaxed return journey by train.

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      • 15 januari 2021

  4. Martin Donat heeft een mountainbikeroute gepland.

    14 januari 2021

    1. Martin Donat

      The second stage through Solling is incredibly varied. You drive over many beautiful trails, enjoy great views of the Weser Valley and the Weser Uplands, you can always relax on short cycle path passages and come across cultural highlights that are really worth seeing.It starts in Bad Karlshafen, where a steep climb brings you to operating temperature right from the start. Hardly out of town, you are right in the middle of the green and enjoy the wonderfully quiet forest landscape in the west of the Solling. You roughly follow the course of the Weser, on which you can always enjoy a beautiful view. This first section is characterized by many short trail passages that provide fun and variety.A first cultural stopover is ideal in the small town of Fürstenberge. Here is the castle of the same name, in which not only a bistro invites you to take a short break, but above all the porcelain museum. Here you can learn everything about the world-famous porcelain factory, which has been based here since 1747.A crisp trail east of Höxter finally spits you out directly on the Weser, which you follow a short distance on the beautiful bike path. Perfect for relaxing - or for a short detour: From here you can quickly reach Höxter and Corvey Castle on the other side of the Weser. This is part of the UNESCO World Heritage and is well worth a visit if you fancy another cultural break.Now you are heading for the center of the Solling-Vogler Nature Park and the stage destination, the small town of Neuhaus im Solling. It is a popular vacation and recreation area and is embedded in the forests, meadows and pastures of the nature park. If you haven't had enough bike action yet, this is a great place to extend your tour. To the north-east of Neuhaus is a mountain bike course with a round course of around nine kilometers. From here it's not far to the high moor, which is also worth a detour. Incidentally, there is a campsite right on the edge of the moor. In and around Neuhaus you will also find numerous accommodations with a roof over your head.

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      • 15 januari 2021

  5. Martin Donat heeft een mountainbikeroute gepland.

    14 januari 2021

    1. Martin Donat

      The first stage through Solling begins very relaxed and is a real pleasure tour. With almost 800 meters of altitude on just 30 kilometers, a few crisp climbs are waiting for you. As a reward, there are also great views and lots of really nice opportunities for short or long breaks.It starts in Bodenfelde. There is a train station and good connections so that you can travel comfortably by train. In this way the adventure begins at home! Right at the beginning, a nice climb awaits you, which will bring your muscles to operating temperature. Once at the top, you have a great view of Hesse. To be honest, that's not difficult either, because the route runs very close to the national border. Nevertheless, the view is so good that it is worth taking a short break.The next uphill follows a relaxed descent. This time a real highlight is waiting for you on the summit: the 30 meter high Sollingturm. It is worthwhile to climb up briefly, especially towards the southeast, an impressive view awaits you there. You have now reached the highest point of the tour and can look forward to a long descent.It leads you through Schönhagen to the small town of Nienover, which has a lot to offer. Here you can admire a medieval town house, pay a visit to rare Exmoor ponies, take a look at the castle or just take a little break at an idyllic village pond. If you want to extend the tour a little, you can add a loop into the beautiful Reiherbachtal.The last section now leads you past the “Lug ins Land”, a beautiful vantage point, towards the stage destination. Bad Karlshafen is located directly on the Weser and on the way there you get a good foretaste of tomorrow's stage, which is characterized by many beautiful trails. In Bad Karlshafen there is accommodation, shopping and dining options and - if you like it close to nature - a campsite. The evening here should not be boring: Bad Karlshafen has a beautiful city complex in the Weser Baroque style, a graduation tower and of course the Weser, which is always ideal for a walk.

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      • 14 januari 2021

  6. Martin Donat heeft gemountainbiket.

    9 januari 2021

    38,7 km
    13,2 km/h
    480 m
    470 m
    Stephanie, Matze en 32 anderen vinden dit leuk.
    1. Martin Donat

      Today I rode a little MTB again. I spontaneously rescheduled the way back from Witten with komoot, I just put together highlights that didn't mean anything to me. The result was a nice tour with some trails and paths that I had never ridden, although I have lived here for tens of years ...
      Apart from that, it was just extremely muddy and it even snowed. A nice short mud adventure in the pot 😎🤓🚴🏼‍♂️.

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      • 9 januari 2021

  7. Martin Donat heeft een rit gemaakt.

    6 januari 2021

    Lothar Cieborra, Chris en 28 anderen vinden dit leuk.
    1. Martin Donat

      It was actually nice. Maybe I should motivate myself to do it more often 🙃🚴‍♀️💪.

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      • 6 januari 2021

  8. Martin Donat heeft een rit gemaakt.

    5 januari 2021

    11,6 km
    20,2 km/h
    190 m
    190 m
    Antje D., Eduard Mueller en 17 anderen vinden dit leuk.
    1. Martin Donat

      Milk, carrots & Co are also available from the field around the corner 🤙🐮🥕 and picking them up stimulates the cycle 🚀.

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      • 5 januari 2021

  9. Martin Donat heeft een rit gemaakt.

    4 januari 2021

    21,0 km
    16,5 km/h
    210 m
    240 m
    WolfG*Freiburg, Lothar Cieborra en 21 anderen vinden dit leuk.
    1. Martin Donat

      Once with the load to Witten and back fully loaded: it's like shopping with mountain training, only better 🛒🚵‍♀️💪.

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      • 4 januari 2021

  10. Martin Donat heeft een rit gemaakt.

    3 januari 2021

    31,1 km
    16,3 km/h
    380 m
    370 m
    der Danners Hary (PBP2023), Jochen en 17 anderen vinden dit leuk.
    1. Martin Donat

      Quite unspectacular. After the exhausting # festive500 week today a really relaxed round to get back in 💆😊🧘‍♀️.Happy New Year!

      vertaald doorOrigineel tonen
      • 4 januari 2021

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