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Over Carsten (📍FFB)

💙Willkommen auf meinem Profil.Ich bin gerne draußen in der Natur und das zu jeder Jahreszeit.☀️🌦🌔❄• PASSIONIERTER E-BIKER
Geh nicht nur die glatten Straßen.
Geh Wege, die noch niemand ging,
damit du Spuren hinterlässt und nicht nur Staub.
(Antoine de Saint Exupery)
Sehr oft einfach der Nase nach......... Das macht mir am meisten Spaß. 😊
Aber ich plane auch am PC mit Komoot meine Touren (gerade in Regionen wo ich noch nicht war), und diese werden automatisch auf ein Garmin Gerät exportiert. Ebenso erfolgt die Aufzeichnung nur mit Garmin. Die gemachten Touren werden automatisch zu Komoot übertragen. Alle Bilder werden mit einem Smartphone gemacht (inkl. GPS Position) und zu meinen Touren hinzugefügt. Gemachte Bilder entsprechend bei Bedarf kommentiert.
Ein E-Bike bringt auch für meine Gesundheit einige Vorteile mit sich. Ich fahre in den optimalen Bereichen in Sachen Puls, aktiviere mein Herz-Kreislauf-System und sorge auch dafür, dass meine Muskeln und die Gelenke trainiert werden. Ich fahre somit immer im optimalen Pulsbereich und erreiche eine außergewöhnlich hohe und konstante Kalorienverbrennung.
Und das wesentlich öfter. Der innere Schweinehund wurde somit bezwungen.😊
Das Nachfahren meiner Touren (inkl. Highlights) geschieht auf eigene Gefahr!
Das gilt vor allem für selbstverschuldete Unfälle, angerichtete Flurschäden oder begangene Ordnungswidrigkeiten. Einzelne Streckenabschnitte können sich zwischenzeitlich ändern!
➡ ©„ MEINE BILDER (Fotos) unterliegen dem Urheberrecht“.
Anfragen können an: Carsten_FFB_Komoot@t-online.de gesendet werden.


8.829 km


478:24 h

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  1. Carsten (📍FFB) heeft gemountainbiket.

    31 december 2020

    59,7 km
    22,1 km/h
    490 m
    500 m
    Sash86, Anja 🏡 en 148 anderen vinden dit leuk.
    1. Carsten (📍FFB)

      Dear friends and followers,Somehow a suitable conclusion for 2020 had to be foundThat's why I got on my bike at -3.7 ° and cycled to my favorites.
      From FFB it went to Wörthsee, on over the Pilsensee to the Ammersee to Herrsching.
      Continue over the Jaudesberg near Breitbrunn towards FFB.
      The weather was fantastic and the views were stunning. You can see that with the picturesHowever, with every kilometer my performance decreased rapidly. It is not to be underestimated how much these temperatures rob you of your strength.In this sense and until next year in "old" or new "freshness" .👍I wish you all a happy new year and 2021 can only get better! 😉STAYS HEALTHY😷Best regards

      vertaald doorOrigineel tonen
      • 31 december 2020

  2. Carsten (📍FFB) heeft een fietstocht gemaakt.

    21 december 2020

    44,0 km
    22,9 km/h
    100 m
    110 m
    Karsten Penert, Cejkop en 114 anderen vinden dit leuk.
    1. Carsten (📍FFB)

      Where is the 🔆 that has been hiding for so long?
      I had about 5 minutes of it.
      Otherwise the soup was quite cold (2 ° degrees) 🥶 and somehow quite bleak out there.
      But there weren't any people around for that.
      Yes ... you see correctly. Somebody swam in the lake. Hats off 😳 and whatever else falls in the waterSTAY HEALTHY!!Update: I adjusted the pictures a bit. I like it better that way. 😉

      vertaald doorOrigineel tonen
      • 21 december 2020

  3. Carsten (📍FFB) heeft een fietstocht gemaakt.

    30 november 2020

    45,5 km
    24,4 km/h
    310 m
    310 m
    Reiner D., Andreas Lechner en 113 anderen vinden dit leuk.
    1. Carsten (📍FFB)

      and yet quite fresh today. -1.5 degrees on average.
      But the lap was nice and easy.
      Therefore, you can follow them without any worries.
      Beautiful Advent.

      vertaald doorOrigineel tonen
      • 30 november 2020

  4. Carsten (📍FFB) heeft gemountainbiket.

    15 november 2020

    Bernhard Neumayer, Huber T. en 123 anderen vinden dit leuk.
    1. Carsten (📍FFB)

      Start at 0 ° in the morning
      There is no other way with fu ... 😷Mist.
      Everyone has to go out in this weather. 😳
      So I chose the lonely hours in the morning again. 😉
      I have to say that I like the hinterland in Dachau more and more. The number of possibilities for driving are enormous. And it's going up and down. There are great views and trails on top.
      Have a beautiful Sunday.

      vertaald doorOrigineel tonen
      • 15 november 2020

  5. Carsten (📍FFB) heeft een fietstocht gemaakt.

    8 november 2020

    Bergmädchen, Bernd en 98 anderen vinden dit leuk.
    1. Carsten (📍FFB)

      Short and easy tour on unfrequented paths at 9 ° C. The main thing is to get some air.

      vertaald doorOrigineel tonen
      • 8 november 2020

  6. Carsten (📍FFB) heeft gemountainbiket.

    25 oktober 2020

    47,9 km
    20,1 km/h
    440 m
    420 m
    Amadeus, Hma en 101 anderen vinden dit leuk.
    1. Carsten (📍FFB)

      Uff .... 🙄
      today it was partly to carry and lift.
      But wanted to drive around the people
      Some trails are no longer rideable!
      I describe it in the pictures.
      "ANTI" highlight: komoot.de/highlight/2776715
      Therefore, the round is only recommendable to a limited extent.
      I have secured a new highlight.
      Duck pond in Inning.
      Really nice there.
      Have a good start into your week.

      vertaald doorOrigineel tonen
      • 25 oktober 2020

  7. Carsten (📍FFB) heeft gemountainbiket.

    18 oktober 2020

    51,8 km
    22,8 km/h
    450 m
    460 m
    TW337Y, Tim⭕ G.🚴🚵👣 en 93 anderen vinden dit leuk.
    1. Carsten (📍FFB)

      Today used the good weather.
      Small lap and a few nice trails drove.

      vertaald doorOrigineel tonen
      • 18 oktober 2020

  8. Carsten (📍FFB) heeft gemountainbiket.

    3 oktober 2020

    Manfred, Reiner D. en 92 anderen vinden dit leuk.
    1. Carsten (📍FFB)

      A little lap on Saturday before the weather changes completely
      Started at 20 ° C (8:45 a.m.) and arrived at 12 ° C., The hair dryer collapsed.
      Staffer wind 3-5 Bft.
      Sometimes there are sections that I cannot recommend. Very overgrown! I caught a number of cuts and scratches at Grafrath's. The trail is simply not rideable.
      I added the description to the pictures.
      Have a nice holiday.

      vertaald doorOrigineel tonen
      • 3 oktober 2020

  9. Carsten (📍FFB) heeft gemountainbiket.

    15 september 2020

    85,8 km
    16,4 km/h
    2.430 m
    2.360 m
    Bergmädchen, Di Rienzo S. en 139 anderen vinden dit leuk.
    1. Carsten (📍FFB)

      The start and end of the tour was a parking lot for hikers in Klais.Thanks for the tip with the parking lot Benjamin.It was a very nice lap and the scenery was a dream. Technically, this lap is not that demanding. However, you have to be very careful on the descents! Especially on the descent from the Hochalmsattel to the Kleiner Ahornboden. Coarse path with larger stones. At the Ahornboden there is a small wooden bridge with a sign to the Falkenhütte. Along there you drive an uphill trail to the Falkenhütte. I liked the section best. For the Falkenhütte you can plan about 500 meters more in altitude (if you want to take this with you).
      The exact descriptions are stored in the highlights. I also took a lot of pictures.
      I used 2 batteries (a 500 from Bosch). Both batteries were completely empty after the tour.
      I didn't reload at any hut. I plan my tours so that I don't have to rely on charging stations. That takes too long for me too.
      The last few kilometers were without battery support. The “2430” vertical meters must be planned well (battery management). I rode the tour in ECO mode or TOUR mode. Only at the ramp (approx. 20%) to the Falkenhütte did I activate the MTB mode. So it was a sporting achievement after all.
      Unfortunately I saw some people who were out there with touring bikes etc. Falls were the result. It doesn't have to be. The area is now alpine.Best regards

      vertaald doorOrigineel tonen
      • 15 september 2020

  10. Carsten (📍FFB) heeft gemountainbiket.

    13 september 2020

    54,1 km
    20,4 km/h
    350 m
    360 m
    micha.harnau, Robert en 105 anderen vinden dit leuk.
    1. Carsten (📍FFB)

      Today finally without fog soup. Just a little fog on the way.
      It was still very dark and total calm
      Only when the day slowly woke up did the birds start chirping
      11 ° degrees and yet quite comfortable to drive.
      That's how I like it
      Have a nice Sunday

      vertaald doorOrigineel tonen
      • 13 september 2020

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