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SNPW-E02 Bünzen --> Brammer

SNPW-E02 Bünzen --> Brammer

26,2 km
4,9 km/h
160 m
170 m

Tour overzicht

326 m
Gute Beschilderung
1,09 km
3,35 km
4,55 km
Mein Leibgericht vor der Zubereitung. 😋😉
7,97 km
8,54 km
11,1 km
14,6 km
17,5 km
18,2 km
26,2 km




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Klik hieronder en versleep de cursor om details voor een bepaald deel van de Tour te zien.

Sönke heeft een wandeling gemaakt.

4 september 2021


  • Sönke

    Today, after an hour and a half journey, I didn't start hiking until 6:30 a.m. 🤫 The path led me straight from the parking lot over the sports field on gravel paths through the forest, always on wonderful nature trails. However, it did not stay that way all the time, because of course there were a few asphalt kilometers on this stage as well.
    Actually the plan was to see the sunrise, but unfortunately that didn't work this morning because it was a bit cloudy. 🤷‍♂️ It was cold, at 14 degrees, but not.
    What I noticed, in contrast to my last hike, it was very quiet this morning. There were hardly any animals to be heard. 🤔
    The signage is first class again on this stage. 👍 What I personally miss a little, however, are the neuralgic areas, benches with a table for a short break. I took my 1st break in a bus stop 🙄 and I didn't want to take the 2nd break in the middle of a village again, but as soon as you leave the village the benches become less and less. In the forest I found a bench for the second rest.
    Summer is coming and autumn is approaching, you can see that everywhere. The berries on the bushes are glowing, the blackberries have almost dried up, the apples are ripe and mushrooms are everywhere.
    Before I knew it I was back on my bike and today's hike came to an end. 😔 If the weather holds, I will hopefully be able to run another stage next weekend.
    Then, as usual, I rode my pedelec back to the car.
    If you want to pursue this project further, you can see the further stages under the following link.

    vertaald doorOrigineel tonen
    • 4 september 2021

  • Stefanie

    Hello Sönke, I have just received a brand new hiking guide from Kiel Tourist Information about the nature park path that you are currently walking through. As of 07/2021, available free of charge.
    Greetings Stefanie

    vertaald doorOrigineel tonen
    • 7 september 2021

  • Sönke

    Hi there,
    Thanks for the information. 😊

    vertaald doorOrigineel tonen
    • 7 september 2021

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SNPW-E02 Bünzen --> Brammer