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Holger S.

Etappe 1: Von Nauders auf die Drei Länder Enduro Trails - Drei Länder MTB

Etappe 1: Von Nauders auf die Drei Länder Enduro Trails - Drei Länder MTB

40,8 km
9,1 km/h
1.450 m
1.450 m
Zware mountainbikeroute. Zeer goede conditie vereist. Alleen voor gevorderden. Het is mogelijk dat je in delen van de Tour met je fiets moet lopen.

Tour overzicht

9,88 km

Plamort Aussichtsfels

Mountainbike Highlight

10,8 km


Mountainbike Highlight

12,5 km


Mountainbike Highlight

12,5 km

Bergkastell Trail

Mountainbike Highlight (Segment)

28,7 km
36,9 km

Riatschwegele Trail 1

Mountainbike Highlight (Segment)

38,2 km


40,8 km



Singletrack: 12,1 km
Pad: 20,7 km
Fietspad: 2,29 km
Straat: 2,53 km
Weg: 2,65 km
Provinciale weg: 231 m
Onbekend terrein (niet op kaart): 218 m


Alpien: 241 m
Natuurlijk: 12,9 km
Onverhard: 10,5 km
Gravel: 6,72 km
Verhard: 268 m
Asfalt: 9,86 km
Onbekend: 218 m

Extra tips

  • Bevat segmenten over onbekend terrein

    Navigatie-instructies zijn mogelijk beperkt.

  • Bevat een zeer steil segment omhoog

    Het is mogelijk dat je van je fiets moet afstappen.


Holger S. heeft een mountainbikeroute gepland.

5 februari 2021


  • Holger S.

    Nauders is still just on the main Alpine ridge that it is on the north side, but is more influenced by the south in terms of weather. This is due to the special geographic location of the community, which is almost 1,400 meters above sea level. In the next few days you will be biking at altitudes of 2,000 meters for a long time. Acclimatization makes sense for flatland Tyroleans. But that's not the only reason why I recommend a round tour on the Three Country Trails on the Reschen Pass.The day begins for you with an ascent to what is probably the best panoramic view over Lake Reschen. The "Poserfelsen", as the exposed viewpoint at Plamort is called in biker jargon, is your first mountain destination. The view is terrific. From there it goes again briefly up over an open meadow area, which is grazed by horses in summer, to the tank barriers and bunker systems. As relics of the Vallo Alpino, the Alpine wall that was built between 1938 and 1943 by fascist Italy along its inner-Alpine borders, these have survived.The panorama from the plateau, which has swamp areas in large parts, is unique. In the west you can see the Piz Lad at the foot of which there is the three-country boundary stone and the Rescher Alm, which you will visit in the afternoon. On the Plamort Trail you will surely meet a few bikers a few hundred meters who come from the mountain station of the Bergkastelbahn and want to the Bunker Trail. In a depression, keep to the right and follow the gravel path uphill towards the Stieralm and do not follow the trail to the left. The entrance to the new Bergkastel Trail is at the managed Stieralm. The trail is consistently rated S1 on the single trail scale. Here fun is guaranteed for everyone! You don't expect a marble run from crushed sand, but a beautiful, natural single trail. And this never seems to want to end.Once in the valley you join the cyclists on the way south and cross the Reschenpass to South Tyrol. The second long climb of the day awaits you. At the Rescher Alm you can fortify yourself with homemade Kaiserschmarrn and cheese dumplings. Only a few more meters in altitude await you after your break before you get under your tires on the classic “Dreiländer Trail” to Grünsee and Schwarzsee. You continue to Kleinmutzkopf, where the final trails back to Nauders greet you. There it can quickly happen that you confuse a junction between the Gerri Trail or the Kreuzmoos Trail. It doesn't matter, because in the end both end up at the Riatsch Höfe. The Riatschwegele Trail finally leads with beautiful curves from the Riatschhof inn to the Kleinmutzkopf valley station. You are back in Nauders.

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    • 13 februari 2021

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Etappe 1: Von Nauders auf die Drei Länder Enduro Trails - Drei Länder MTB