Jonas Deichmann

Triathlon 360 – mijn reis om de wereld

Jonas Deichmann

Triathlon 360 – mijn reis om de wereld

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2899:12 h

17.667 km

146.790 m

Welkom bij mijn recordbrekende uitdaging: 's werelds langste triatlon rond de wereld.

Tijdens mijn uitdaging zal ik een afstand van 120 Ironmans (ruwweg 40.000 kilometer) afleggen met een minimale CO2-voetafdruk.

Op 26 september 2020 begon ik mijn reis rond de wereld in München en fietste naar Kroatië. Van daaruit zwom ik 450+ kilometer door de Adriatische Zee. In Dubrovnik ben ik weer op de fiets gesprongen, waar het oversteken van de Grote Oceaan het volgende doel van mijn uitdaging was. Maar toen verslechterde de Corona-crises opnieuw...

UPDATE juni 2021:

Er is weer een grote mijlpaal bereikt: na 17.000 kilometer en een winterse oversteek door Siberië heb ik de Russische Pacifische kust bereikt.Op 26 september 2020 begon ik mijn reis rond de wereld in München waarvan ik over de Alpen naar Kroati fietste. Van daaruit zwom ik 450 kilometer langs de Adriatische kust en bereikte Dubrovnik op 22 november na 54 dagen in het water.

Het oversteken van de Grote Oceaan was de volgende uitdaging.Vanuit Dubrovnik ben ik verder naar het oosten gefietst met als doel in het voorjaar de Pacifische kust in Vladivostok, Siberië, te bereiken. En hier ben ik dan, ondanks alle moeilijkheden met Corona en het visum voor Rusland.

De volgende stap was eigenlijk om de Stille Oceaan over te steken. Ik heb lang gezocht naar een zeilboot waar ik op mee kon liften, maar tevergeefs. Uiteindelijk had ik het geluk een vlucht naar het oosten te krijgen en zelfs met deze optie was het lange tijd onzeker of ik op mijn bestemming zou aankomen. Gelukkig lukte het en bereikte ik Mexico. Half juni vertrek ik vanuit Tijuana voor de loop van 5.000 kilometer. Ik trek mijn bagage achter me aan op een karretje. En als alles goed gaat, ben ik aan het eind van het jaar weer terug in München. Maar tot die tijd kan er nog veel gebeuren...

Op de kaart

Tours & Highlights

  • 09:42
    45,4 km
    4,7 km/h
    280 m
    340 m

    Long day in the office, running through the agricultural region of St. Quintin. The road was small with a lot of traffic, so I mostly pulled my trailer through the sand on a small path next to the road. Absolutely brutal. In the evening, I crossed St. Quintin and got a nice invitation to stay for the night.

  • 11:00
    39,7 km
    3,6 km/h
    350 m
    480 m

    After an incredible night under the desert sky I set off for marathon Nr. 6 💪. I quickly found my rhythm and run without any pain or problems pulling my @kidrunners in the flats and downhills and pushing it up the hills.
    There are still regular villages with food, water and fantastic locals who a cheering me on. Soon it's getting quiet with the desert and lonesome beaches further south. When I stopped for my dinner at a pizza place two Mexican cyclists came by and invited me to their place to sleep. Great hospitality and now off for marathon Nr. 7 💪.

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  • 06:09
    30,1 km
    4,9 km/h
    850 m
    950 m

    Wonderful day with 44 km and a surprise visitor at night 🐍.

    (The GPS stoped somehow after 30 km but for verification purposes it's correct on my satellite tracker in my website). I started early today and already covered 25 km when it started to get hot on a long climb and then run through a canyon. Had a bit of headache but otherwise no issues at all today. Local cars stopped twice to offer me water and a cycling team from Tijuana with their support car invited me to join their lunch break under a tree. Incredibly nice people I have met in Mexico so far 🇲🇽.

    In the evening I increased the speed and found a beautiful camping beside some rocks. I had to move my tent a bit as a rattlesnake was living close by 😅. Now off for marathon Nr. 6 💪💪.

  • 08:28
    41,4 km
    4,9 km/h
    450 m
    320 m

    Leonardo was back for more today and wanted to run his first marathon. We set off from Ensenada a bit later to do a TV interview in the morning and then quickly turned away from the coast and into the wine region with nice mountains around. I felt much better than the last days and Leo was also going strong. We finished at sunset and I found a nice camping spot. After dinner Leonardo was picked up by a friend but already plans to be back in two weeks.

  • 08:25
    38,6 km
    4,6 km/h
    220 m
    430 m

    Marathon Nr. 3 with great company. Local wine farmer Thomas joined for the first 28 km and also brought a little motivation drink for our lunch break 🍷😋 when he turned back @l.antillon joined once more and we run together through Ensenada the last major city before it's getting more quiet. I felt much better for the run and my body already started adapting to a marathon every day 💪
    In Ensenada we were hosted by Axel, a local radio moderator and cyclist and had a great evening with an isotonic recovery drink 🍻
    I am already loving Mexico 🇲🇽😁

  • 09:10
    40,4 km
    4,4 km/h
    630 m
    380 m

    Tough day along the beautiful Pacific coast and another marathon in the legs 💪 I was in a lot of pain when setting off but then it got better. I guess that's normal when you run a marathon after no running for 7 months 😅 but my body is already adapting to the new challenge 😁
    @l.antillon joined again for the last 15 km and invited me and @weinbergmarkus to his place 🤝
    Now approaching Ensenada the last big town before it is getting quiet on the highway South across the Baja California peninsula.

  • 05:32
    42,7 km
    7,7 km/h
    410 m
    410 m

    Time for the biggest run of my life 💪!

    A great start to my unsupported run across Mexico at the US border wall and already the first marathon done 🏃‍♂️ …

  • 09:21
    189 km
    20,3 km/h
    1.500 m
    1.540 m

    The final day. We start early and I push hard completing the first 100 km in three hours. Then we need to detour a bit. It is hot and we both run out of water. In a small village we find a market and do our lunch break. After lunch traffic becomes more as we approach Vladivostok. The final 20 km are through rush hour but still amazing in my favourite Russian city. I remember my arrival here during my Eurasia world record 4 years ago and again cycle across the spectacular golden horn bridge with the local cycling community waiting on the other side.
    I am finally on the Pacific and finished leg 2. Time for a little celebration, a a few days to explore Vladivostok and look for a boat to Mexico. Next: running 5000 km from Tijuana to Cancun 🏃‍♂️💪

  • 13:28
    220 km
    16,4 km/h
    1.320 m
    1.280 m

    The sun is back and it is getting warm. We have now reached Pacific climate and the landscape changes with flowers and green everywhere. We push late into the night to get close enough to reach Vladivostok tomorrow.

  • 07:13
    128 km
    17,8 km/h
    600 m
    670 m

    A last day of constant rain, cold and strong headwinds. We stop earlier as the forecast looks good and Vladivostok just two days away 💪

  • 06:49
    162 km
    23,8 km/h
    900 m
    910 m

    Super nice day with 20 degrees. We start a bit later after some Orga for vladivostok and ride through the hills. Landscape is changing and we are now in a different climate with Pacific influence.

  • 08:25
    209 km
    24,9 km/h
    410 m
    360 m

    We made it around China and have now turned South, approaching Vladivostok with just 700 km to go 🎯💪!
    After the heavy rain yesterday conditions were better today, and we quickly reached Khabarovsk where we had a great reception by the local cycling community and Esposa got some much needed care. Now spring has definitely arrived, and it's time to enjoy the final sprint after all the hardship and misery during the past two months 😁.

  • 07:05
    140 km
    19,9 km/h
    980 m
    1.210 m

    Strong headwinds and heavy rain are making our progress challenging. But at least it's warm by now. All the fields are flooded but we find a dry camping spot behind a cellphone tower.

  • 07:18
    160 km
    21,9 km/h
    1.580 m
    1.390 m

    Over night the landscape changed and now it's spring. Flowers are out, there are birds and everything is getting green. We ride through constant hills and reach the Jewish Autonomous Oblast in the afternoon. It gets a bit more populated now. We find a nice camping spot and make a fire.

  • 08:56
    221 km
    24,7 km/h
    950 m
    1.070 m

    Long day in the saddle. Heavy rain in the morning makes the start a bit unpleasant but it gets better in the afternoon. Markus is joining until Vladivostok and wait in a restaurant 220 km from my starting spot. I get there an hour after dark. Looking forward for the final 1.200 km with great company.

  • 08:21
    200 km
    24,0 km/h
    760 m
    850 m

    Back at full speed. An easy flat day through a boring landscape. I have now reached the heart of the Amur Oblast with all the "major cities" around here. I stop at a roadside cafe in the evening and find a nice camping spot a few hundred metres away.

  • 07:13
    160 km
    22,2 km/h
    1.120 m
    1.150 m

    Slightly better conditions but still very challenging with daily rain, snow and hailing for a week now through a very sparsely populated region. But I am now getting to the end of the mountains and a warmer climate. A few more days and the impact of the Pacific will lead to a more cosy cycling climate. Better times are coming, and I can't wait to get my first real spring days this year 🤗😁.

  • 06:41
    154 km
    23,0 km/h
    1.520 m
    1.620 m

    Finally, slightly better conditions after a week of snow and rain. I push on and reached the end of the mountains. Stopping early for a digital speech and need if good internet. Better times are coming 😁.

  • 04:51
    88,1 km
    18,2 km/h
    1.020 m
    960 m

    Heavy rain and snow continue making any proper progress impossible. I stop early as 150 km without anything are coming after the village, not where I want to be in this condition.

  • 04:53
    101 km
    20,7 km/h
    1.000 m
    1.240 m

    When I set off its already snowy rain and headwinds and I know what's coming. I push on through the horrible conditions until my feet and fingers are getting too cold and I find a roadside motel. In Russia there is a saying: „God created Sotchi and the devil Mogocha“. I wonder why 🤣.

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Jonas Deichmann

Triathlon 360 – mijn reis om de wereld